Cubic Yards :

How much do I need to order?

Once you have decided what product you would like to order, the next thing you need to decide is how MUCH you will need to complete your project.  Don’t worry, this is really easy to calculate.

Length and Width is measured in FEET
Depth is measured in INCHES
The result is measured in cubic YARDS

Hint​: Typically, landscape products – soil, mulch, and aggregates are applied to a depth of 3 inches. Obviously, every project is unique but unless you are doing something different and changing the shape or filling/grading an area, 3 inches deep is a fairly good general guideline to use.

Whatever shape you are filling, it comes down to shapes – rectangles, squares, and circles.

For a Rectangle​ – simply take a tape measure and write down the length,  and the width. Enter those dimensions into the appropriate boxes.

For a Square​ – since all sides are equal just measure one side and enter those dimensions in the appropriate boxes.

For a Circle​ – circles are often used when filling in the hole left by a pool. The depth is a bit tricky as it gets deeper towards the centre so the best method is to take an average between the outside and centre depths. Then measure the diameter –  from side to side and enter those dimensions in the appropriate box.

The Product Calculator will give you a quantity in ​Cubic YARDS,​ which is a  standard industry measurement for landscape products.
If your result is 1.4 yards required, you can order 1.5 or just 1 – your choice.

Whatever quantity you choose, check out the different delivery options available.

Bulk​ – Loose product dumped in your driveway – half and full yard quantities

Mini-bags​ – available in Soil and Mulch only

Tote ​– Large 1 cubic yard Tote bag