Plant Guarantee

All plants returned for nursery credit must be accompanied by the original receipt of purchase, the plant itself and plant tags (recommended).  

Nursery credits are honoured between June 1st to October 15th.

If you suspect a plant is dead, please call or email us before you uproot and return the guaranteed material.  Oftentimes, our experts can help guide you in bringing the plant back to life or give guidance to the times of year when plants are dormant and may appear to be dead.  

If our plant experts determine your plant has no chance of survival and is in fact dead, the original receipt of purchase and the dead plant must be presented in store to receive a nursery credit.  Bringing the plant tags with the plant is strongly recommended.

3 year Guarantee on Nursery Stock (trees, shrubs and bushes)

Nursery stock is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase.  A nursery credit will be issued for the purchase price of the dead plant. 

1 year Guarantee on Perennials, Roses and Clematises

Perennial plants, roses and clematises are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.  If your purchase was made prior to June 1st then we will allow a credit up until June 30th of the following year.

No Guarantee on Annual Plants, Bi-annual Plants, Tropical Plants or Houseplants

Reasons your plant may not be guaranteed:

  • Circumstances beyond our control such as improper planting, over or under watering, insects or diseases, weather extremes (ie ice, wind, frost)
  • animal damage (ie rabbits, deer) Make sure to winterize/wrap your plants.
  • the trunk is clearly broken (ie. standards, trees)
  • it is an annual plant, bi-annual plant, tropical plant or houseplant
  • Nursery stock & perennials planted into ornamental containers or left in their pots are not guaranteed

A plant guarantees is a one time guarantee – it does not carry over to a second plant.

Nursery credits act as store credits and can be used to purchase any merchandise at the garden centre.  If a new plant is purchased with the nursery credit, the new plant does not receive a guarantee.

Credit applied is for the value paid at time of purchase.